Does your client owe ​more than their property is worth?

Don't lose the listing! Short sale may be a great option for a seller who is experiencing economic hardship. Real estate coordination assistance is available throughout Texas.

Daily 80 Real Estate Coordinating Services can:

  • Suggest or offer a short sale of a home rather than foreclosure
  • Communicate with the seller's mortgage company on their behalf
  • Earn the mortgage company's approval for a quick sale
To short-sell real estate and make your job and your seller's process easier, work with our transaction coordinator right away!

Why Daily 80 Real Estate Coordinating Services?

We're here to make your work as a real estate agent easier, whether you need to short-sell real estate or conduct a normal sale. We offer flexibility and fully customized services, so you only invest in what you need. Reach out to us now to schedule a consultation.